Lignin factory part two, Tampere, Finland

Visited 18.10.2011 by jonahi & skkye. Upper floors were somehow creepy, since there was quite wet and smelled odd. We were afraid of  the steps would break under us because of the moist. Standing on the edge of a huge container (the photo number 7 from below) wasn't easy for me with the fear of heights either. There was one door I weren't brave enough to open. It was high and I had to stand on couple of planks only (which I imagined to be rotten). I heard voices like a heavy storm behind the door and top it off the lights turned out when I tried to open the door. Huh. I just got scared and left it. Places like this make easily senses to be overattentive and then everything asks even more courage than normally.


  1. hittolainen, ku ei oo aikaa lisäillä kuvia tänne! no jos tässä joku päivä... :D
    t. jonahi

  2. noo älä stressaa semmosest, hyvä et jää kuvii säilöön talvenkin varalle ku voi olla ettei tuu sillon niin paljo seikkailtuu :D