Little red cottage, Satakunta, Finland

Visited 26.2.2012 by jonahi & skkye. We spotted this cottage from the car window when we were driving home from the oven murder house (see the posts before). This house was somewhere near Kokemäki but I can't remember any more exact. Well, I guess it doesn't matter that much.

The door was open but we had to move snow because it was blocking the way in. Inside the house was very messy and damp. The roof was rotten and partly toppled down. Still there was some beautiful things like the flower-patterned curtains and retro furniture. The old book about understanding dreams was interesting.

We were a little in a hurry so there's not much pictures from there. But I'm sure we will visit many more places like this in the future. I think that little abandoned houses and cottages like this are the most common exploring targets in Finland. It seems to be true what they say about uninhabited countryside.

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