Mental asylum (part one), Varsinais-Suomi, Finland

Visited 4.3.2012 by skkye & jonahi. It was a bit tricky to get into this place, but totally worth all the work! We had to do a hitchhiking trip twice, "borrow" two ladders from other abandoned buildings in the mental hospital area, nail them together with some rusty nails we pulled out from some wooden pallets, and climb with the ladders to a balcony three meters high from the ground. And all this sloshing around in deep snow, with caution to the people and a security car patrolling in the area. But we succeeded and made it in! I have always wanted to visit an abandoned lunatic asylum.

This mental hospital consists of many buildings, some of which are still in use. This building is in very good condition for an urbex-target, but hasn't anymore been used for it's original purposes for a couple of years. There still are a rescue dog club and a volunteer fire group training sometimes, though. Half or more of the inside doors were locked, which was a disappointment, because we would have wanted to see some patient records and more personal belongings which we could see from the windows from outside. The long, deserted "mental hospital green" corridors with hospital bed piles made a big impact.
To be continued!

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