Abandoned fishermen's fortress, Sesimbra, Portugal

Visited 18.5.2014 by jonahi. This fortress was built (or at least registered) in the 18th century and used by fishermen in the old days, when it was hard to go to the town's harbor with their rowing boats with a lot of fish on board. They stayed here a couple of days or a couple of weeks fishing, and had build shelters for themselves. The previous post's building could also be one of their shelters, who knows. There was a lot of stuff left behind, such as fishing nets, and the boat shelter with grills and a makeshift bed looked like someone had been camping there recently.

The thing I most liked about this place is how well it adapts to the landscape like a chameleon, at least the parts that do not show the red tiles from under the grey-white plaster. It looks really natural, like it belongs there, and still it is man-made. The stairs were my favorite detail. There was a group of divers diving in front of the fortress, I was wondering if there was a wreck down there.

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