Gold mine buildings, Pirkanmaa, Finland (Part 3)

After sympathetic wooden buildings we moved on towards not-so-cosy concrete walls. The contrast was enormous. Pitch-dark, empty and bleak rooms looked like old dungeons - there was even bars on windows. I couldn't figure out the purpose of them. In the rooms were only a little stuff inside, for examble a grocery cart and scaffoldings. I found the atmosphere desolate, maybe because I have very similar photos from a concentration camp.
   The floor of the highest building was half-filled with greenish water. There was a road made from decayed planks leading to a mysterious door. I was so curious about it I took a risk and walked to it. Planks were slippery and sinking under my feet and I felt there was so much mold in the air it was dangerous even to breathe. At the same time the roof was so beautiful with all the color hues of stone and snow-white mold dripstones. It reminded me of the universe. Behind the door was endless darkness and immeasurable deep drop. I never learned what was hiding there.
   After gloomy concrete buildings the light outside felt almost too bright. We went back to the tower and wondered birch trees with bloody leaves. I've never seen a plant disease like that so in my mind it strengthened the enigmatic ambiance of the place. When we walked outside we noticed saw dumbed child-size swim fins and a hand-made hanging in the bush. Another story which will stay unsolved.

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