Craftman's house (Part 1), Pomarkku, Finland

Visited 6.12.2012 by jonahi & skkye. We celebrated Finnish independence day on a road trip whose destination was a half-abandoned mining village. I think it's probably my favourite way to honor our country - to search hidden treasures like abandoned houses and stuff and feel the old and different times through them. I really love stuff which relates to the Finnish history, like old tools, machines, books, newspapers, photos and handicrafts. Quite same things we have in our museums, but when they are on their original places, it's a bit more affecting feeling.

We drove to this house on purpose because I had spotted it earlier from the bus window. Luckily one window was open so we just needed to climb in. The house was freezing (later we noticed that all the houses were... somehow the emptiness multiplies coldness and there was ten times colder in these places than outside). There wasn't many furniture left there but the wallpapers and the drapes were beautiful and expencive-looking. The owner of the house must have been very addicted to the christmas theme because there was christmas decorations in the main building and especially in the outhouse which was straight from the christmas land...

The most fascinating building were craftman's workshop (the third photo). There were a lot of odd stuff like dynamite, weird medicines, pills and powders. I was quite scared that the dynamite bag would explode spontaneously. There was also very beautiful things like an old guitar neck and funny stuff like a juice bottle which advertise itself about having much calories (not so good way to sell drinks nowadays). I think this place was a perfect mix of very tradionatiol Finnish house with bottles of booze and rag rugs and with a right amount of weird things.


  1. Hieno paikka ja vielä hienompia kuvia! Näyttääkö vain, vai onko tuota ensimmäisen kuvan piharakennusta joku restauroinut hiljattain? Muutenhan tila näytti olevan aika oman onnensa nojassa.

    1. Kiitoksia! Oho, nolottaa myöntää mutta ei huomattu noita lautoja ollenkaan ennen kuin sanoit. :D toivottavasti olivat kuitenkin edes muutaman vuoden vanhoja.