Frosty clubhouse (Part 2), Parkano, Finland

This was not any welcoming place. Icy, spooky, dark and moldy. I was happy to finally get out from there. The windows were broken but tags were conspicuously absent. Maybe the youth in the countryside isn't that much into street art than in cities. The old photographs and booklets about the 4H-club and it's action were interesting. We also found some diapositives with pictures of onions, and watched them with our flashlights in the dark attic. Taking photographs of that wasn't very easy, though, because I couldn't remove my gloves without ending up with my fingers totally frozen.


  1. Parkanossa oli ysärillä tosi paljon katutaidetta, mutta eipä nykynuoria taida moinen kulttuuri sitten enää kiinnostaa. Kaikki tämmöset pahikset on jo muuttanu tuosta karmeasta tuppukylästä pois ;)

    1. Hahah, niin vissiin sitten :D ei se musta vaikuttanut karmealta, mut en ookkaan ikinä asunut Parkanossa.