Craftman's house (Part 2), Pomarkku, Finland

Roadtrips are great. Wintertime gives them a little bit extra excitement if you're driving on a small road in the middle of the snowy forest where there's no-one else there, and hope that you end up on a right road before the fuel runs out and it gets completely dark outside. Luckily we had quilted pants on!

This emptyish house was a very regular home with a workshop and an outhouse full of pictures of pretty women and animals, but still it had it's own extraordinariness.  I loved the blue-flowered wallpaper, it was gorgeous. The another one is pretty, too. I heard that this kind of an outhouse is a Finnish tradition, that anywhere else in the world people don't have this kind of composting sanitation systems. It really surprised me. But after all, an airing cupboard is also a Finnish invention, and almost everywhere else people are really drying their dishes with a cloth.

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