Frosty clubhouse (Part 1), Parkano, Finland

Visited 6.12.2012 by jonahi & skkye. This was our last place to visit on that day and as you see there was quite dark. This house looked really spooky when it stood in the darkness with its broken windows and wide-open doors leading to the black hallway. The house truly wasn't very welcoming: inside it was as gloomy, freezing cold and ominous as it looked like when we stood outside. The joker paintings on the walls were also pretty scary. This house had been a space for a 4H-club before it was abandoned so there was stuff like slides films of onions and old dill packets everywhere. But the thing I remember uppermost from the place was that all the walls were covered by hoarfrost and that there was so cold that when I tried to take a better photo from something I couldn't because I had to move to not freeze.

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