Mental hospital (Part 1), Kellokoski, Finland

Visited by jonahi & skkye 13.10.2012. After driving in the dark on narrow, meandering roads we arrived to Kellokoski. We were quite tired already so we just parked the car in the yard of abandoned mental hospital and decided to sleep there. Around three a.m. we both woke up and were freezing so we thought it was time to put the car idle. Some policecar drove to the place to see if everything was okay but they didn't stop to ask us anything. So we continued sleeping and woke up early in the morning. We were hungry and thirst for coffee so we started gathering soggy woods and newspapers for campfire. We had quite hard time to fire wet woods but after an hour or so we finally had the campfire. Tomato-mozzarella pasta and coffee outside tasted divine!

After breakfast we began to search entrance to the hospital. At first it seemed very desperate because all the windows and doors were nailed closed but in the end it was easy to go in. My first thought inside was that kids had ruined the place so badly that there couldn't be too much to photograph. Luckily I was wrong. Despite graffities, trash and broken things there was lots of interesting details and papers to photo and we spent pretty much time there. It was also a lot bigger place than it seemed outside. Endless corridors and rooms, loved it !

To be continued.

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