Chemi-thermo-mechanical-pulp mill, Tampere, Finland

Visited by skkye 30.9.2012. I guess this factory has had something to do with sulfite cellulose but I can't tell you any details about it. I tried to search a map or some information about this place but couldn't find any. If someone recognizes this place and knows better what it was, feel free to tell us.

Anyway, this factory had three floors and a leaky roof. Huge tanks and "pools" (don't know what's the correct word) for liquids made the place echo. The air wasn't that clear, it made my throat dry. Behind the rusty door was a wide dark space with just one little, locked out window. We were trying not to think about what if someone slams the door shut now and locks it? I'm happy that I wasn't there alone, it was a perfect place to imagine the most frightening things. Excluding this one gloomy space, the warm evening light made the whole factory look friendly and welcoming, like it had waited for all these years for us to come.


  1. If this is on west side of Tampere surrounded by beautiful (yet creaky) old villas and farm houses, then it's probably the old M-Real CTMP (chemi-thermo-mechanical-pulp) mill that was closed 2007-2008. Like you mentioned there has been sulfite pulp production back in the early 20th century.

    I don't know if you want to tell everyone about the place. So feel free to edit next one out. Some background about the surrounding areas: http://www.tampere.fi/tiedostot/5e3U0fXsl/rakennushistoriallineninventointi.pdf
    And also wikipedia has some information about the mill. everyone where this place is

  2. Thank you for the information, there are so much those factory buildigs that it makes it hard to tell what they exactly have been doing at this one :) And yes it's the same place we are talking about! That pdf about the area is already in my bookmarks and it has been a big help with this place, oh god I love internet sometimes! :D I don't know how to edit comments so I guess I'll just leave the part there, after all it's quite easy to google these things anyway when you know the words "Tampere" and "closed factory".. :D I'll change the title of this post.