Mental hospital (Part 2), Kellokoski, Finland

This building has been a part of the largest and second oldest psychiatric hospital in Finland. It was a youth department and was first introduced in the 1970's. The building was in use until the year 2001, when it was closed because of the large moisture damages. The hospital action had stopped earlier, but different hobby clubs kept going a few years longer. There is also an asbest problem and the whole building is covered with mold.

From outside this place looked quite sallow and gloomy, and so it did from inside. All the windows and doors, except the skylights, were broken and covered with thick plywood panels, so it was quite dark inside the almost never-endingly huge psychiatric hospital. I was afraid that we couldn't find our way outside anymore, and tried to keep track where we came from, but I have probably the worst sense of  direction in the world and soon I was totally lost and could only hope that at least Skkye would know where we should return. All the corridors looked quite same and there were lots of exactly same graffitis everywhere. It was also very messy in the hospital and we had to look closely where we put our feet.
I don't understand how the teenagers that had been rampaging there even could have had the patience to break every thing so systematically! Even the ceilings had been torn down. But what they couldn't destroy was the hospital-like feeling in the corridors that I can't quite explain. Some rooms along them were unfortunately so messed that I didn't know anymore if they had been the patient's rooms or what.

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