A lonely yellow cottage (part 2), Hämeenlinna, Finland

I also have to say that our south-west Finland roadtrip was a success! We had good time and sleeping a night in my mother's car in October was quite an experience, and so was cooking breakfast by bonfire at an abandoned mental hospital's barbeque place after that. People were probably thinking that we're a little insane, but only one woman who had seen the smoke came to talk to us.
It's very rare to find this kind of original places in cities, and that's why I almost wish I had a car of my own to go driving to the countryside more often.

This little but colourful cottage was our first target and almost too cute, even though the inhabitant had taken all the personal stuff with them. To me it looks like there was living an old lady who finally had to abandon her home and move to the senior rest home, and then her children didn't have an idea what to do with this small cottage. The pink coffee maker and all the lovely retro colours were funny and I'm deeply in love with old wood stoves, but the withered rose on the wood oven gave me a feeling of sadness. It was like the house, once so colourful and pretty but nowadays just fragile and lonely.

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