A lonely yellow cottage (part 1), Hämeenlinna, Finland

Visited 12.10.2012 by jonahi & skkye. We spent the last weekend driving here and there and searching abandoned places. Our roadtrip was quite successful, we found a few places (like this one) where we were first to visit after it had been abandoned and also the most beautiful deserted house where I have ever been. So our trip was certainly worth doing!

This cottage was in the middle of field in its own jungle of weeds. There were very few personal belongings left but luckily all the furniture were still in place. Once again the colours of the cottage stole my heart. Olive greens and lilac walls ♥ ! There were lots of photos of celebrities in the attic which felt a little odd after being in other rooms where the lack of personal things was so conspicuous. There was also an old bottle of medicine with an instruction in old finnish, it was quite fun to see odd forms of words that no one uses anymore.


  1. i tried to guess who the celebrities were but it was hard to see, haha. a really darling house, you don't see ones with such colourful walls and furniture so often now.

    1. That's true, so wonderfully retro! ♥ See the next coming post for better photos of those celebs, then you maybe can guess ;-)

    2. Oh my god the seventh picture! Rusty old lock, worn out yellow and red paint, nails a bit here and there, greyish wood - just perfect.

    3. Indeed. Very beautiful photo.