Carpenter's cottage (Part 1), Aura, Finland

Visited 14.10.2012 by jonahi & skkye. We spotted this modest looking cottage when we were driving road 9 to Tampere. A tree had fallen on the roof and weeds had gone wild everywhere around the cottage. It seemed to me that the place was slowly decomposing and draining into the ground.

However, inside this place was quite lovely. Someone (maybe the householder) clearly had practised woodworks because there were tools and unfinished works in the cottage. Maybe some of the furniture was also self-made? Well at least they were so beautifully coloured and shaped that I could have taken all of them with me. I like a lot of this photo of an old spinning feel because it looks to me that it's operating at the moment. There was a lot of drawings and paintings of the daughter. It was interesting to see how she had developed over the years. Old books and magazines were interesting, especially the writing about losing a weight made me smile. I would really like to know why all these beautiful and sentimental valued things had been left and forgotten there.


  1. Toi "fiksu ei ole paksu" oli kyllä paras. :D

  2. niimpä :D ja sit kans toi "alan ahtaa sisääni suklaata, karamellejä ja kaikkea mieletöntä" on kans ihana.

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    1. Eiks vaan! ja suunnilleen kaikki muutkin huonekalut tuossa talossa.