Great manor house (Part 7), Pöytyä, Finland

This is the last post from this manor, which is the most beautiful abandoned house that I have visited so far. I'm so glad that we found this place. It has been an important manor in the cultural history of the area, like any big country house has been in this sparsely populated land. Being so old and historical, it made me think about my roots as a Finnish person, and somehow it also aroused a nationalistic pride in me (in a good way, like when being abroad), which I feel very seldom. But that was very touching indeed.


  1. Veti sanattomaksi tämä kuvasarja. Aivan huikea paikka! En tiennyt, että tämmöisiä enää olisi. Kiitos :)

    1. Tää oli kyllä ihan omaa luokkaansa ue-kohteena, oon huippuonnellinen että satuttiin bongaamaan se :) Kiitos kivasta kommentista!