Great manor house (Part 4), Pöytyä, Finland

This place has seen so much, it's so full of stories that when I was walking from room to room the feeling about people who had lived there was so tangible that it was touching. I had the same feeling when we were in the oven murder house, but then it was distressing kind. In this house I had a good feeling. It's very hard to explain but somehow I felt that there had been many happy moments under that roof even though their life must have been very hard.

Finnish Continuation war feels very distant and abstract for me, maybe because all my relatives who lived back then died before I was born so I haven't been able to hear real stories about it. But in this place when I was reading newspapers about the war and when we found invites to memorials, I had that feeling that I understood a little better what it was all about and how big impact it had to ordinary peoples life. I wished that this old house could speak and tell us stories, both sad and happy. But somehow it spoke, through all that stuff and atmosphere.

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