Dusty mill, Kylmäkoski, Finland

Visited 14.10.2012 by jonahi & skkye. This abandoned mill was very dark, oppressive and extremely dirty place. But that didn't seem to disturb the sprouting grains on the floor. Nor it prevented us from going in, maybe because we couldn't see very well where we were, and how dusty our clothes got when climbing inside. The mill was inhabited by rats, but I guess they had died because of the ratsbane we saw. Thank god we didn't run into one of those dead rodents. But instead you can spot a huge spider in the second last photo!


  1. Tämä ei ole saha, vaan vanha viljakuivaamo :)

    1. Ei me sitä sahaksi olla väitettykään. Myllyksi luultiin, kyllähän tuosta nyt näkee perssilmälläkin että viljan kanssa ollaan tekemisisssä :)

    2. anteeks mut repesin aika huolella tolle perssilmälle, ei mulla muuta :D