Mental hospital (part 9), Kellokoski, Finland

We found someone's old personal photographs. Maybe they belonged to mystic GL who had also sent the tapes where he spoke to the hospital. In cellar floor there were also old teaching materials that were for example about sleeping problems and schizophrenia. We also found some limb restraints which was totally obnoxious. In Finnish they are called "rest ties" but it's hard to imagine that someone could rest at all when tied to a bed with them.
Old swimming pools always feel somehow haunted, I don't know why. Maybe it's because they are usually blue or green and full of water, and when they are abandoned they are so empty. On the wall there was again that thing that looks like blood. But I found very sympathetic that there had been green and red disco lights downstairs. It makes me imagine the psychiatric patients dancing at a disco.

Ps. Happy November! We have so much photos to post for you atm!

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